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Mardee Handler

Mardee Handler

Director of Content Marketing

“Education is empowering. The more you know, the better equipped you are to make prudent choices that align with the best and most authentic version of yourself — both personally and professionally.”


Marketing & Communications

By degree – and at heart – Mardee is a teacher. She applies that background to her marketing philosophy, which encompasses equal parts empathy and education.

Mardee listens for what people are struggling with and striving for and then connects the message to her audience. She considers promoting the JMA mission a privilege because she has seen how coaching can lead to profound positive change in clients’ leadership, career and life.

As a writer with more than 20 years of experience, Mardee is passionate about creating informative and compelling content that educates, connects, motivates, and inspires people. Even when writing to large audiences and for diverse channels, her style has been lauded as authentic and personal. She is ruthless in editing – correcting usage and grammar errors such as dangling modifiers, incomplete sentences, and nonparallel structure – to elevate content to standards that attract and engage readers.

Professional Experience

Mardee brings the wisdom and experience of a career that came full circle – from teaching high school to educating through marketing at a company founded on arming people with self-knowledge.

Mardee joined Jody Michael Associates in 2015 as a contributing writer, creating blog posts and ebooks for the JMA website. One year later, she was named Director of Marketing and Communications and challenged to define and execute the company’s marketing strategy. Her efforts to revamp the JMA website with more engaging, optimized content and clear, compelling storytelling increased lead conversion rates and improved the quality of leads.

Prior to joining JMA, Mardee was the Founding and Managing Editor for MuniNet Guide, a website that began as a print newsletter in 1996. Before that, she was the Editor of Fixed Income Research at Kemper (EVEREN) Securities.