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Nancy Scheel, PCC

Nancy Scheel, PCC

Executive Coach

“As an executive coach, I am ‘bilingual’ in the concrete world of business and in the subtler nuances of the soul. Professional development – growth – is seldom just one or the other; it’s a rich alignment that creates new possibilities and a deep, lasting sense of vitality.”

Executive Coaching

Nancy’s holistic approach to executive coaching helps individuals increase their power to get things done in the organization as they become better leaders, feel greater personal satisfaction and confidence, and use their unique talents and energy to contribute more positively.

Nancy has empowered her clients to drive their missions forward and get jobs done in industries and sectors spanning supply and logistics, energy, healthcare, biopharmaceutical, fintech, insurance, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, business services, higher education, and small business.

She works with clients to help them discover how reacting out of habit, or being on “autopilot,” does not produce the personal or business results they want. Instead, they learn to reflect on what’s happening around them, and consciously choose the most appropriate and effective behaviors or actions. They use intention and perspective to align their thoughts, actions and results, and they experiment with different ways of managing themselves and interacting with others.

Nicole T.

Senior Executive

My coaching work with Nancy was the most impactful professional development experience of my career.

What I could not have imagined at the onset of our work was the phenomenally positive effect it would have on my personal life. I was better able to deal with change; whether acting as a change agent, observing change in others, reacting to it with less stress or negotiating it with others to more productive ends. With Nancy’s warm, strong presence and intuition I knew I was in capable hands.  She loves what she does and it is expressed in her work.

Professional Experience

The strength of Nancy’s 20+ years of corporate experience lies in the breadth of her exposure to different functions and her ability to rapidly grasp presented issues — a necessity for executives who want to be quickly understood.


In her corporate roles, Nancy led and delivered communications (executive, internal, and marketing), instructional design, and training and technology for healthcare, energy, telecom, technology, education and nonprofit organizations.

She provided thought leadership and implementation for training and development programs as well as quarterly CEO communications to global employees of World Fuel Services, a Fortune 200 company and leader in the global energy industry. She applied her coaching and mentoring skills as Team Leader of Training Systems Development for Amadeus North America, a global IT solutions provider. Earlier roles included Instructional Designer for both Tradestation Securities and Florida International University, and Education Specialist at Miami Children’s Hospital.

In each of these roles, Nancy showed a knack for facilitating growth at both the personal and corporate levels. She collaborated across all levels and functions of these diverse organizations, giving her a deep understanding of the personalities and interconnections between the people and work areas that executives and managers oversee. Even in the diversity of her experience, she was frequently singled out by senior leaders as a trusted advisor due to her capability to foresee and articulate the potential impact of their decisions and actions.

Mona Hoffman

President, Paoli LLC

I gained valuable insights that I have continued to explore in my quest to develop authentic leadership skills.

I had just started a leadership role in a new company and sought Nancy’s coaching expertise to help me engage quickly with my new boss and direct reports. Nancy skillfully guided me to discover not only the idiosyncrasies of those I would be working with, but also how my own tendencies would play into how they responded to me. Through Nancy’s ability to listen and discern deeper meaning, I gained valuable insights that I have continued to explore in my quest to develop authentic leadership skills.


Nancy holds a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University (summa cum laude) and a Master’s degree in Instructional Design from Syracuse University.

As a coach, she earned certifications from the rigorous New Ventures West program, and from the International Coach Federation. She has also served as New Ventures West faculty, supporting students on their own quests to become qualified coaching professionals.

She is also a Highlands Certified Consultant, and a JMA Certified Workshop Facilitator. Nancy is fluent in utilizing Enneagram for personal and professional development.

Randy Y.

HR Director, [company confidential]

Nancy has an amazing coaching style that facilitates learning and growth.

She has a strong technical command of the coaching methodology. Most importantly, Nancy pushes me at times to work on the tough topics and still has deep compassion for her clients. I recommend her highly!

Personal Journey

Nancy’s drive for personal development and spiritual growth has defined her personally and professionally.


Before joining the corporate world, Nancy enjoyed a career as a successful professional violinist. In her late 20s, she was exposed to personality models. Fascinated with inherent differences between people and individuals’ blind spots, she immersed herself in years of learning.

An overachiever by nature, she lost herself in working too hard at too many things. When a major health crisis in her 40s ended her rising corporate career, she made radical lifestyle changes and refused to accept the prognosis that she would never again experience a rewarding career.

Nancy applied everything she learned in her personal development journey to transform her professional life as she transitioned to full-time coaching. She draws on her experiences and the breadth of her expertise in communications, HR, and training to help executives and managers develop a more conscious, intentional and effective approach in the workplace.

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