As Becky Ives knows, the recipe for a successful career as an international account manager calls for a cross section of skills. As the primary interface between the company and clients, account managers must have the ability to build and maintain relationships, as well as an aptitude for marketing and project management. Working as an international account manager in the food flavors industry, Becky found that creativity and an interest in science also proved valuable.

Account-manager-1There are many variations in the role of an account manager; depending on the company, they may be responsible for any combination of the following: maintaining existing accounts, “farming” existing accounts for additional business, and acquiring new accounts.


According to Glassdoor, international account managers earned an average annual salary of $99,431 as of August 2015. This is higher than the average salary for an account manager (general), which Glassdoor lists at $78,678 as of September 2015.


Becky talked to JMA and shared how a vacation catapulted her into a career as an international account manager in the food flavors industry.

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