The Biz PlanWe’re not talking about the Wall Street Journal here. This list of our picks for best business blogs center around motivational, and practical advice that you can apply to your communication, management, organization, and executive skills no matter what field you are in.  

1. The Harvard Business Review Blog (@Harvardbiz) 

If you aren’t reading this or following it on Twitter, you should be. With posts from some of the best minds out there, HBR always has something relevant, useful, and thoughtful to discuss. From how to better understand another person’s point of view, to pushing your team to think globally, the HBR blog is a powerful resource with a community of experienced minds and elegant writers bringing you seasoned perspectives on important topics.

2. Work Matters (@work_matters) 

The B Key is for Best Business Blogs

Bob Sutton, Professor at Stanford and Co-director of the Center for Work, Technology, and Organization, has sharp insight into the common incidents that can come up at work. Maybe this doesn’t fall exactly under the category of best business blog. It’s more like a best business archive. 

Sutton gives great book recommendations, and his site is a rich archive that links to many of his articles that have appeared in the NYTimes, Financial Times and others. In the righthand column, you can find a series of audio and video links. He often examines how to deal with personality hassles at work, which we could all learn from. If you scroll down, on the left you’ll see a list of “The 12 Things I Believe.” One of my favorites is: “strive for simplicity and competence, but embrace the confusion and messiness along the way.”

Seths Blog is a Best Business Blog

3. Seth’s Blog (@thisissethsblog) 

If you’re unable to have substantial conversations with your boss and co-workers, go get some professional help. It’s not personal, it’s business,” Seth writes in one of his posts. He’s clear, to the point, and views the workplace as an environment that can be made to be more efficient and one that does better business. 

The first thing you learn about Seth Godin from his blog is that he likes his big, bald head (you have to click on it to navigate the page). The second thing is that he deals with many work issues that we all run into: what does work mean? Am I a good co-worker? What am I really doing when I make decisions? He writes in a witty, readable manner and his blog posts are short so a couple of minutes will get you the insight you need.


4. LinkedIn (@LinkedIn) 

Might seem like an odd choice for the top 5 best business blogs, but checking the Top News on LinkedIn can often expose you to interesting articles and tidbits, some of them shared by your contacts. You might even want to post some things you’re reading or doing. While you’re on LinkedIn, start checking your own news feed and that of your groups. Not in any groups? Join some! You’ll find that your personal network can expand based on interests and you might even get invited to a few events. Remember that if you’re in the market for a job, the first place your prospective employer might find you is on LinkedIn, so make it look active!  

Have other suggestions for the best business executives? Any particular stories or articles that have come in handy for you? Suggest them below!

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