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Anna Bray, ACC

executive, career and life COACH

It’s always very exciting for me to meet and speak with individuals who are questioning their current position in their career and are interested in taking steps in a new direction. I love the possibilities that exist. I love seeing that spark in their eyes when they express their ideas. And I especially love when it all comes together and they begin to live their envisioned vocation.

As an executive and career coach, my mission is to help individuals attain a deeper understanding of their beliefs, skills, talents and desires — and through this knowledge, enact change that will lead to greater satisfaction, prosperity and ease.

As a life coach, my aim is to help clients further their understanding of who they are, what they want to be, and how they want to be. With this expanded self-awareness, a fulfilling life is attainable: one that is lived in a balanced and meaningful way. 

To her coaching, anna brings:

  • 15+ years of corporate and professional experience
  • Expertise in training and professional development
  • A collaborative and integrative approach that includes all elements of a client’s life
  • Patience, effective listening and unconditional acceptance of what is going on for the client
  • Astute assessment of human behavior and an individual’s intrinsic motivation
  • Attention to the small details while holding and addressing the whole picture in a way that connects the dots and deepens understanding


In the rapidly changing business world where many executives reside today — a place where results, productivity and achievement are paramount — leaders are increasingly being pressed to do more with fewer resources.

As an executive coach, Anna helps clients navigate the rising demands that they encounter, both externally, in the form of requests placed upon them by others, as well as internally, which may show up as pressures placed upon them by themselves.

With keen observational and listening skills, Anna asks generative questions and offers perspectives that lead to greater insight, helps individuals make connections between ideas that initially appear unrelated, and uncovers patterns and practices that may benefit from a modern approach.

Through executive coaching, Anna helps clients:

  • Pursue professional goals with intention
  • Lead through uncertainty
  • Communicate with authority and resolution
  • Increase their sense of self-efficacy
  • Manage daily stress and pressures
  • Make decisions aligned with professional values and their company’s strategic goals
  • Develop efficient and effective processes
  • Tap into and express their creativity
  • Initiate and inspire change
  • Collaborate with colleagues in ways that elicit greater satisfaction and productivity 

It is often through improved self-awareness, challenging limiting beliefs, and changing unrewarding work habits that a client is able to step out of his or her way; lead with confidence, integrity and focus; and inspire others to put forth their best effort.


How do you define “career"? In an ideal world, our career is the place where we are given opportunities to apply our intellect, hone our learned skills, and develop our innate talents. It is a place where we can contribute to a larger purpose, bring something of value (ourselves!), creatively flourish, and ultimately take risks, stretch and grow. In the right career fit, where our dreams, purpose and abilities align, we have the drive and energy to be our best selves.

As a coach, it is Anna’s purpose to guide and facilitate an individual’s deepening awareness, to create a safe environment where long-held beliefs and new ideas can be explored, and to provide support with compassion and rigor to help individuals find their best career fit. 


As quoted by Marianne Williamson, in her 1992 best-selling book, A Return to Love, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Quite often it is our power and our light that we shy away from, that we curtail, and that we keep in check. And in this shrinking, we forget who we are, we talk ourselves out of pursuing our dreams, and we live in a way that is out of line with our true nature.

As a life coach, Anna helps her clients become reacquainted with their dreams, their drives and those passions which bring them joy. Through a holistic lens, she builds rapport, lends support and partners with her clients to help them achieve their goals and transform their lives in a sustainable way. 


Within a month of college graduation, Anna boarded a plane to London, England. With work visa in hand, and no known accommodations set, she navigated the strange and wonderful European city with a readiness to soak in everything she possibly could. It was there that she began her post-collegiate career at British Rail. The organization was undergoing a restructure from a publicly held to privately owned entity. Anna, immersed in a multi-cultural workforce, aided the HR function as the organization went through its transformational process.

Inspired by the countless opportunities for new experiences and the rich diversity presented in London, Anna moved her career to Chicago, Illinois. As a meetings and events professional, she organized and orchestrated dozens of meetings, events and conferences for the Appraisal Institute, a global organization of real estate appraisers. It was through this experience that she learned the significance of holding the big picture and end goal in mind while attending to and managing the finer details, a skill that she uses every day in coaching to help her clients achieve their greatest goals.

Over ten years ago, Anna transitioned out of her role as the Director of Meetings and Events into a Coach/Training and Development professional. In this capacity, she developed and led group training programs, helped to create and set the standard of a learning organization, fostered the professional development of employees on all levels, and designed and implemented customized coaching programs.


Anna holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Missouri, Columbia. As a coach, she has earned coaching certifications from the Life Purpose Institute and New Ventures West. Anna has also obtained her ACC accreditation from the International Coach Federation. She continues to maintain her certification through course study in the areas of emotional intelligence, human performance improvement and the Enneagram.

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