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Accountability Mirror and Leading Lightly


A Different Kind of Workshop

If you’re looking for real, sustainable change, you know that tactical strategies fall short.

Our workshops dig below the surface. We’ll help you explore the ways you might be standing in your own way — and train you to break nonproductive patterns. The transformation is real, and the results can be game-changing.

Innovative. Transformative.

Our workshops accelerate your awareness, mental fitness and performance using ground-breaking methodologies with innovative technologies and targeted strategies.

Workshops are held live virtually once a month. Spaces fill quickly, so reserve your spot today. Or, inquire about scheduling our workshops (held virtually) for your teams and organization.

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Workshops for Individuals, Teams and Organizations

For You

Your mindset profoundly impacts your daily performance, energy and outcomes. Same mindset … same results. New mindset … new results.

Your mindset is within your control to change. Our workshops show you how, so you can:

  • Feel more in control
  • Enjoy greater resilience and energy
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Be more accountable to yourself
  • Create healthier work-life balance
  • Achieve personal and professional goals

workshops for you

For Your Company

High-performing leaders and teams exude mental fitness. They relate with emotional intelligence and execute with accountability. In both good times and bad.

Our workshops help your leaders and teams level up their performance so they:

  • Handle challenges with sustainable resilience
  • Communicate and execute with greater precision, clarity and accountability
  • Achieve increased results — faster
  • Accelerate and sustain better performance across the board
  • Create a more energized, constructive organizational culture

Workshops for your organization

The impact is real.

Ever since Jody came in and spoke to our team about Mental Fitness, our entire team has become more focused on accountability and self-awareness. I can confidently say that the hour we spent with Jody has put us on a new track toward better performance. The impact is real. Personally, I’m thinking differently now, noticing how much my thoughts affect my moods, which influence my actions and my outcomes.

Andy C., Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer, Orbit Media Studios

I am continually operating at a high-performance leadership level …

As a result of the training, I am resilient in ways that I couldn’t imagine. I can more easily manage stress, respond to situations in ways that facilitate the outcomes I need, and maintain an optimal frame-of-mind that keeps me productive and stimulates my best thinking. And, with the tools and techniques I’ve learned, I am continually operating at a high-performance leadership level and I’m able to continuously grow my mastery.

Ryan W.

Chief Practice Officer, UX


2-Day Leadership Workshop Dates

We facilitate our workshops, Accountability Mirror™ and Leading Lightly, via live-stream on the following consecutive days. The first day is Accountability Mirror™ and the second day is Leading Lightly.

Monday, July 15 | Tuesday, July 16

Thursday, September 12 | Friday, September 13

Friday, October 18 | Saturday, October 19

Thursday, November 7 | Friday, November 8