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The JMA blog is where career professionals, executives and parents of high school/college students find expert strategies for transforming career, relationships and life.

Our goal is to inspire both simple and profound changes that cultivate greater clarity, self-awareness, fulfillment, work-life balance, leadership and success.
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A Day in the Life: Art Director for Film

If you have an artistic eye and great attention to detail, a career as an art director might be right…

Rebecca’s Career Coaching Story

What is the right career fit for me? Situation When Rebecca came to JMA, she had been a consultant in…

John’s Executive Coaching Story

According to John, everything in his life was great – unless, that is, you asked the people who had to work around him. The breaking point occurred when, for the third year in a row, John was denied a promotion to partner due to poor 360-degree reviews.

Olivia’s Career Coaching Story

New managerial skills Situation Olivia was a newly promoted manager at a mid-sized manufacturing company we will call The Ascend…

Navigating the Transition from “Expert” to “Leader”

You’re an expert in your field, well on your way to being at the top of your career game. Respected.…

David’s Career Coaching Story

Leveraging old skills for corporate success Situation David sought out Jody Michael Associates to test a dream that had been…

Microhabits: Small-but-Mighty Agents of Change

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Confucius You want big results. Why bother…

Boost Your Performance at Work: 7 Effective Listening Techniques

When you think about improving your professional performance and advancing in your career, you likely consider a public speaking class…

Connor’s Career Coaching Story

New to trading Situation Connor had been a successful CEO of a software development company for over 20 years. Back…

Interview Questions to Ask About Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a major priority for many of us, but finding a company that actively supports that goal can…

Alex’s Life Coaching Story

I don’t know where to start Situation Alex came into the JMA office saying, “I want to make a difference,…

How Volunteering Can Drive the Right Career Choice

If you’ve ever had buyer’s remorse, you know its pain. You heal, learn from your mistakes and, hopefully, make better…

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