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Create a first impression — with lasting impact

Our seasoned resume writer knows what it takes to make a strong — and memorable — first impression.

One size does not fit all. Your resume will be individualized … crafted to align with your specific career goals. To bring power and visibility to your online presence, our resume writer will optimize your resume for search on LinkedIn.

Our resume writer’s credentials include:

  • 6,500+ resumes written
  • Master Resume Writer
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • Experience writing resumes for all positions, levels and industries, from Fortune 500 C-level executives to recent college graduates
Anuj N.

Global Head of Product Communications, PayPal

It was the best money I spent all year …

I had not touched my resume in over 9 years but after a phone interview and a couple of versions that we tweaked together, I received a full package that included not only a hard-hitting, beautifully designed resume but also an updated LinkedIn profile and thank you letter. It was the best money I spent all year — and the return on my investment was almost immediate.


VP, Groupon

It was flawless.

Paula rewrote my resume in a way that speaks to who I am authentically – but boldly. It was flawless. Paula captures the essence of the individual and their professional identity in a way that I have not seen before.

Will your resume get noticed?

Your dream job is out there. Let’s create a resume that powerfully showcases your value.

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