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Team Coaching

ROI of Team Coaching

Strong teams. Strong results.

With higher trust, information-sharing and collaboration,  teams are positioned to impact your bottom line through:

  • Revenue growth
  • Improved accountability
  • Reduced waste (time, resources)
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Faster, better innovation

Turn Conflict Into Capacity

Wherever your team is starting from — and whatever the mix of individual personalities — we can help. Our process and tools can support your team to:

  • Align around a clear and compelling purpose
  • Use explicit operating principles for optimal functioning
  • Build stronger capacity, skill and relationships (individually and collectively)


Use team coaching for accountability when your team members:

  • Avoid ownership, blame others
  • Resist commitment or initiative
  • Miss deadlines or don’t reach their goals
  • Communicate without clarity
  • Complain about lack of accountability in others

Team Dynamics

Leverage team coaching with the Birkman method and psychometric tool when your team members:

  • Have stress, frustration, conflict or a toxic culture
  • Must quickly adapt to changes in key personnel
  • Repeatedly underperform on OKRs or KPIs
  • Want to optimize performance to achieve goals
  • Must shift to a new perspective, such as a very “red” team that needs to be more “blue”

Accountability breakdowns become old history when your team embodies accountability and applies new tools for communication and cooperation.

Your team will participate in:

  • Accountability Mirror Workshop
  • Accountability Survey – Team Profile
  • Follow-up learning assignments
  • Follow-up team coaching session(s)

Personality differences are critical for team success — and generate natural conflict. To be constructive, this conflict must be well-managed. Help your team members understand each other’s behaviors AND expectations. Collectively, they’ll leverage their differences, so they can create high performance.

Your team will participate in:

  • Birkman Signature assessment on behaviors, needs and stress behaviors
  • Individual debrief meetings
  • Two team coaching sessions
  • Detailed reports

Imagine Your Team, Transformed

Imagine what your team members will accomplish when they have solid accountability and well-functioning interpersonal dynamics. To reach their goals, they just need the right tools, understanding and practical application. Fully equipped, your team will move your business forward.

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