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Radically improve your leadership game with Jody Michael Associates’ executive coaching:

    • Exert greater impact and influence
    • Hone critical leadership skills
    • Develop greater emotional intelligence
    • Transform your crisis response
    • Build resilience to stressors
    • Expand your capacity to lead lightly

Jody Michael, ICF Certified Master Coach, and her team know how to get you to the top of your game.


Measurable leadership gains from JMA’s coaching, backed by a third-party study


Average rating increase

… of the top 6 leadership competencies in JMA’s coaching:

  • Creating a vision
  • Fostering teambuilding
  • Ability to shift perspectives
  • Dealing with critics
  • Nurturing
  • Intervening appropriately


Average rating increases

… for leadership competencies most often targeted in JMA’s coaching:

  • Emotional intelligence (53%)
  • Overall communication (63%)
  • Coaching (90%)


Average rating increase

… of ALL leadership competencies targeted in JMA’s coaching.To name just a few:

  • Building trust
  • Cross-functional collaboration and influence
  • Delegating
  • Goal Setting

25+ Years of Innovation and Success

Working with Directors to Fortune 100 CEOs, we’ve skillfully blended neuroscience, human behavior psychology, business savvy, technology and more to perfect our “secret sauce.”


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