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Anna Bray, ACC

Anna Bray, ACC

Executive and Career Coach

As a coach, my mission is to help people engage in and progress their careers with skill, finesse, precision and discernment.

By deepening their understanding of their aptitudes, beliefs and drives, I support them in developing a strong leadership presence within themselves, with the people they lead and with stakeholders throughout the organization.

To her coaching, Anna brings:

  • 15+ years of corporate and professional experience
  • Expertise in training and professional development
  • Astute assessment of human behavior and an individual’s intrinsic motivation
  • Attention to small details and the whole picture — connecting the dots with deeper understanding
  • A collaborative and integrative approach
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) certification
Sarah Hoadley

Anna helped me figure out what I really want my life to be.

Anna was able to accommodate a wide range of my needs. … Her intelligence, flexibility, patience and sensitivity made it possible for me to navigate the coaching process during a difficult time in my life. Years later, I’ve remained strong and optimistic and connected with what is really most important to me. Anna helped me figure out what I really want my life to be.

Executive Coaching

In the rapidly changing business world where many executives reside today — a place where productivity and results are paramount — leaders are increasingly pressed to do more with fewer resources.

As an executive coach, Anna helps clients navigate these rising demands, both externally, in the form of requests placed upon them by others, as well as internally, which may show up as pressures placed upon them by themselves.

With keen observational and listening skills, Anna asks generative questions and offers perspectives that lead to greater insight; helps individuals make connections between ideas that initially appear unrelated; and uncovers patterns and practices that may benefit from a new approach.

Through executive coaching, Anna helps her clients:

  • Manage situational complexity and competing commitments
  • Initiate and inspire change; lead through uncertainty
  • Communicate clearly, with authority and resolution
  • Manage daily stress and pressures
  • Navigate crucial conversations
  • Collaborate cross-functionally; align strategically with team and organizational goals
  • Increase self-awareness and empathic awareness
  • Develop and manage direct reports

Anna finds that as clients improve their self-awareness, challenge limiting beliefs, and alter unrewarding work habits, they are often able to step out of their own way. Then, they can lead with confidence, integrity and focus, and inspire others to put forth their best effort.

Christine Ingaldson

Design Professional

Anna’s various techniques and thoughtful ideas opened up space for me to discover and play.

This motivated me to take action on furthering goals without feeling pressure. Anna’s empathetic listening helped me feel understood and confident. She’s just the person I needed when going through an overwhelming transition.

Career Coaching

Career means many things to many people. But to Anna, a best-fit career provides opportunities to apply our intellect, hone our skills and leverage our innate talents.

It is a place where we can contribute to a larger purpose, bring something of value (ourselves!), creatively flourish, and ultimately take risks, stretch and grow. In the right career fit — where our dreams, purpose and abilities align — we have the drive and energy to be our best selves.

As a coach, Anna helps individuals find their best-fit career as she elicits deeper awareness, creates a safe environment to explore long-held beliefs and new ideas, and provides support with compassion and rigor.

Carrie Vann

Senior Manager

She helped me build my confidence and maturity, which I carry with me to this day.

She helped me at a time in my life when I was confused and scattered. Anna guided me through my strengths and weaknesses, which gave me a greater understanding of what choices I was making and how I would make them in the future. She helped me build my confidence and maturity, which I carry with me to this day. I’ve learned to become calm, patient and decisive … skills that have helped me bring about the results I wanted to achieve.

How can Anna help your career?

If you’re ready to achieve measurable change in your leadership or career, contact us today.


Sue Siradas

Director, Education Resources

I was ready for this new role and that I could be confident…

I began working with Anna when my role as a leader had changed, and I had taken on more responsibilities. My confidence needed a boost. She was able to show me, through many meaningful conversations and exercises, that I was ready for this new role and that I could be confident with what I had to bring to the position.

Tim Casart

Creative Director

Anna gave me a simple blueprint for defining goals

Anna helped me disrupt the pattern of circular thought that had been holding me back — an obstacle I wasn’t even aware of until she identified it. She gave me a simple blueprint for defining goals, focusing my attention, and taking decisive steps toward progressing my portfolio.