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Kelly Obbish Brummet

Kelly Obbish Brummet

Director of Operations & Strategy

“I believe that there is always a way to make something better; whether it’s a small tweak or a major overhaul, I’m always up for the challenge of finding out what that something is, and getting it done!”

Operations & Strategy

Kelly is both creative and analytical – a problem solver and a strategic thought partner.
She is a strong and passionate collaborator with a calming presence that is greatly valued in JMA’s fast-paced entrepreneurial environment.


Kelly leverages her rare combination of logical and strategic talent to create the vision, communicate the strategy, and then execute – implementing solutions that benefit JMA’s clients as well as the organization itself.

She brings much-needed logic to brainstorming sessions. Before offering ideas or proposing solutions, Kelly gathers insights from multiple perspectives and observes how processes, systems, and services directly impact each stakeholder. She carefully considers all of the options, synthesizes and organizes disparate ideas, and makes decisions based on reason, rather than emotion or impulse.

Kelly builds and nurtures powerful relationships with clients, JMA coaches, her team, and JMA’s CEO, Jody Michael. She thrives on working with JMA’s team – they complement each other and share a common goal of conveying the JMA brand, message, and offerings to create meaningful transformations for JMA’s clients.

Professional Experience

Kelly has transformed the infrastructure at Jody Michael Associates, streamlining CRM, marketing, scheduling, and billing processes with software implementations that helped to automate some processes and created easy access to data.

In 2013, after completing the career coaching program with Jody Michael, Kelly joined JMA as the Director of Operations and Strategy. She developed and implemented new processes for JMA’s clients, coaches, and teams that improved effectiveness across the board. She has been frequently commended for her insight, ideas, and execution.

Kelly started her career as a Consultant with Deloitte Tax. She quickly distinguished herself with a promotion to Senior Consultant after two years, and was selected to complete a six-week rotation in Hyderabad, India to foster team cohesion and improve deliverables. Consistently receiving top ratings from her managers, Kelly was on track to become a manager with the firm when she left to join JMA.


Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a minor in Spanish from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Business.

She spent a semester abroad at CEGRI in Granada, Spain studying Spanish Language and Literature. As a licensed CPA, Kelly passed the rigorous four-part exam in one sitting.

Kelly enjoys experiencing other cultures. Through programs offered in high school and college, she studied in Mexico, Germany, and Spain – living with local families while studying arts, culture, language, business, and history. She is fluent in Spanish and has traveled to Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, and Africa.