I don’t know where to start


Alex came into the JMA office saying, “I want to make a difference, I want to contribute, I want to be recognized for the contributions that I make, I want to be treated with respect by others, I want to do something meaningful, and I want to feel more connected.”

In a nutshell, Alex was longing to create a better life. He just didn’t know where to start or how to get there. He felt lost and directionless.


Often when our clients first come to us, they feel like there is something missing — like there isn’t a North Star guiding them or a unifying perspective inspiring them. They feel rudderless, with nothing guiding their direction or actions. It’s like they are on the “treadmill of life,” expending energy but going nowhere. Alex was one such client.

JMA purposely meandered with Alex for a session or two. We wanted to hear his thoughts, get a feel for where his pain was most severe, and encourage him to listen differently to the words he was speaking to himself and others.

Soon JMA was able to focus and shape the coaching process for the greatest impact. We had Alex begin work outside of sessions on our JMA Life RoadMap process. In session, we focused on coaching that would reflect back what was really important to him. We looked at where he currently was in his life, where he dreamed about being in life, and what we needed to do to close the gap. We also helped Alex take a deeper look at the unproductive space that he lived in, that kept him unable to make decisions and move forward in his life.

JMA coaxed Alex out of his comfort zone. We helped stretch his perspectives, challenge his assumptions, and question his actions and decisions. Over time, what emerged was a more confident and focused Alex.

Within weeks, Alex was getting a clearer vision of what he wanted in life. He was defining his purpose and identifying his direction in life. He was becoming more aware of his actions and the consequences of his lack of action. He was slowly guiding and shaping his future and becoming more energized and alive.

Over a period of several months, those around him began to notice the changes taking place as well. He made decisions about his career, his living environment and his future that were very different than those he had made in the past.


Today, five years later, Alex owns his own company, a dream he had first envisioned in our work together. He is also happily married to a wonderful woman. He feels fortunate that he made the psychological shifts when he did and believes that he never would have attracted his wife without this introspective work.

In fact, most of Alex’s life is a reflection of his original Life RoadMap work. He created and is living the life he longed for.

Please note: The names of clients, their employers and certain identifying details have been changed to respect their privacy and maintain confidentiality.